[starttext] Depleted Uranium Poisoning Confirmed![endtext]

DU Interviews: - Dr. Stan Monteith & Joyce Riley: Audio

[starttext]Leuren Moret - Depleted Uranium[endtext]

DU Interviews: - Leuren Moret - Depleted Uranium

[starttext]US-War Crimes on children using Depleted Uranium ( Iraq )

The US used the worldwiode illegal Depleted Uranium amunition. Not only tousands of new born baby have gen defects making their life to hell, also US and allied soldiers are contaminated with the radioactive dust endangering their future life and their new born babies.

The hundreds of places in Iraq will be radioactivly contaminated for 4,5 million years!


DU-coated Amunition is getting better tru materials and makes more damage...


DU News Report: -US War Crimes on children using Depleted Uranium ( Iraq )


Depleted Uranium's effects on children

The United States government uses depleted uranium to strengthen its bunker busting weapons over seas. It is a radioactive material that causes serious health and environmental problems. Please support the global desire for a moritorium on the use of depleted uranium, which the United States continues to ignore.[endtext]

DU Effects: - Depleted Uranium effects on children

[postlink]http://depleteduranium.videohq.tv/2011/02/du-interviews-wwwrensecom-on-depleted.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2eCDvKmMLcendofvid    October 10, 2010
[starttext]Rense on Depleted Uranium - Our Calamity
The Penny drops while listening to Jeff Rense discussing the worldwide effects of the military use of DU. And just how impossible it is to make sense of it.

Jeff made many references to an article by Bob Nichols
"GI's Brains Fried by Military Dispensed Nose Candy" http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/10/...

In preliminary research for this video - a frequent contributor to Rense Radio - Leuren Moret - provided the following in an email:

The only way to tell what's in the DU is to get bomb crater samples and actually measure whats there. For example: in the 1998 NATO attack on Yugoslavia, analysis of the DU residues from bombs and missiles etc. revealed that the DU was contaminated with fission products - Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium etc.

That indicated fission product contamination from a nuclear reactor. The DU comes off the feed line at Oak Ridge as a byproduct of U235 enrichment from natural uranium. Those are very deadly isotopes and should not have been in the DU - it should have been pure uranium. Finally after Parliaments all over EU put huge pressure on the US to come clean, Oak Ridge admitted the feed line for the DU used in weapons for DU had been contaminated with military reactor waste. I don't think it was an accident. The DOD is looking for improved and more efficient ways to depopulate targeted populations.

In Afghanistan bomb crater samples were analyzed by Asaf Durakovich/Tedd Weyman in Toronto, and revealed natural isotopic ratios in the bomb craters. Major Doug Rokke was in the Pentagon office when this subterfuge was created by Col. Eric Daxon and Col. Bob Cherry to fool and confuse activists so that the military could say it was natural uranium in the environment. But Tedd got urine samples in Afghanistan and when the uranium was analyzed, it was in the highest concentrations ever measured in a human population.

In Lebanon, the bomb crater samples submitted by Dr. Chris Busby for analyses, were done at Harwell the British govt radiation lab. The samples had elevated U235, DU, and deuterium and tritium which are used in nuclear weapons. Also the bomb crater had very high radioactivity that dropped off in less than two weeks - a sign of neutron activation products. So what was in the DU bunker buster that caused neutron activation? Fingerprint of 4th generation nuclear weapons.

So, yes there can be more than DU in these weapons, and you can be sure it is to carry out a more efficient hidden genocide.[endtext]

DU Interviews: - www.Rense.com on Depleted Uranium - Our Calamity

[starttext]Sky News reports that the number of Iraqi babies born with deformities in the heavily-bombed area of Falluja is still increasing.

Over a year ago, a Sky News investigation revealed growing numbers of children being born with defects in Falluja. Concerns were that the rise in deformities might have been linked to the use of chemical weapons by US forces.

The news agency recently returned to find out the current situation and what has happened to some of the children they featured, such as three-year-old girl Fatima Ahmed who was born with two heads. Sky News found that Fatima never made it to her fourth birthday. They also discovered several new cases of deformed children in Falluja born in the last eight months.[endtext]

DU News Report: - GRTV - Iraqis Blame U.S. for Rise in Deformed Babies


Deadly Legacy - Iraq  Part. 1 of 2 - August 2010

Seven years after the invasion of Baghdad, the Iraqi people are experiencing a devastating legacy. Babies are being born with severe deformities and cancer at a rate, which makes the effects of Hiroshima look tame.[endtext]

DU Documentaries: - The USA Deadly Legacy in Iraq - Part. 1 of 2


The USA Deadly Legacy in Iraq  - August 2010 - Part.2/2

The number of babies born with severe deformities and children developing leukaemia is rising dramatically in parts of Iraq.

US forces used depleted uranium weapons to attack the city, which locals say has left them with this devastating legacy.

One report even says the number of such illnesses in Falluja is higher than that recorded after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

See some of the deformed and desperately ill children, and meets some of the people battling against the odds to rebuild their lives, and their city.

Read about the work of the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/[endtext]

DU Documentaries: - The USA Deadly Legacy in Iraq - Part.2/2

[starttext]The use of depleted uranium munition by U.S.-led forces during the war in Iraq is possibly causing cancer and genetic diseases among the local population. Such are the findings of a recent study by a group of researchers. To find out more, RT speaks to the authors of the report, Professor Christopher Busby - scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks, and Malak Hamdan - a British-Iraqi scientist.[endtext]

DU News Report: - Fallujah fallout worse than Hiroshima? Iraq report sounds alarm